Love where you live


It’s coming on a year since I moved back to San Luis Obispo permanently to build a life from scratch. With the season changing, rains dissipating, and the increased frequency that Nick and I discuss scouting out a home here someday, it felt right to sit back and reflect on all the lovely things about this the spirit of this place. My perspective during the first few years of living in San Luis Obispo was boxed in by college culture, no matter how hard I tried to see the real-life things happening around it.

My college days at Cal Poly now feel like a distant dream and I have almost completely removed my old self in order to make room for new energy. Six-hour study sessions at coffee shops accompanied by copious amounts of caffeine just so I could continue to hold my table have been replaced by lazy, Saturday morning strolls and an iced coffee to-go. Thursday nights out with my girls, bar hopping and table-dancing, have been replaced by an after-work cocktail at Sidecar and a stroll around farmers for a large bag of perfectly salty and scrumptious,┬ácaramel-coated kettle corn. Sunday’s spent sometimes hungover, sometimes nursing a sunburn from a day out too long at the beach, or sometimes both, have been replaced with mundane errands, housecleaning, and lots of dog cuddles. And you know what? I wouldn’t replace this transition for anything.

Making a home in a place that you didn’t grow up is not a particularly easy thing to do nor does it happen naturally. The biggest lesson I learned is that things take real time to cultivate, like getting used to a new job or turning your apartment or home into a space that you feel comfortable. Once those things all happen, it sure feels good and it even starts to feel right.

It’s important to continue to push yourself forward and find new, potential paths for growth. There are so many things that I want to do and hardly enough time to get them started! But it’s Spring now, the drought is over, and the sun is out of hiding. I’m excited to continue exploring my new home and working hard to do my part in it’s growth as well as in myself. If you want to join this journey, then welcome aboard! I think we’re going to have lots of fun along the way.


— Rachel